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Chino Collection Defense Attorney

Have you been sued by a debt collector? We are your defense team.

Most collection agencies assume that 99 percent of defendants will not answer a lawsuit filed against them. Simply by challenging the agency in court, you already have a good chance of minimizing the hit to your finances. Maybe more than one creditor has pursued you for the same debt, or perhaps a decade-old unpaid debt unexpectedly comes back to bite you. No matter what your situation, a qualified debt relief lawyer can help you decide how best to proceed to find financial freedom.

Collection Defense Strategies

If you are facing a lawsuit over your debt, you will need a solid collection defense to resolve the case in your favor. A first important step is to respond to the notice. Otherwise, the collections firm will automatically receive a default judgment against you, allowing for painful repayment procedures such as wage garnishments or even the addition of interest. Just in taking the step to respond to the lawsuit, you might get the debt collector to suggest a settlement at a lower amount than you owe.

Another collection defense approach includes forcing the creditor to prove the debt owed. In many cases, the collections agency will not have sufficient documentation to show that you owe what they are claiming you do, especially if the debt has been bought and sold a few times. If it turns out that the files show incorrect figures or mistakes that favor the creditor, you will have a nearly unbeatable defense against the lawsuit.

Hire a Collection Defense Lawyer in Chino

Ultimately, you will want to involve an attorney in your collection defense case. Once a collection agency knows you are working with legal counsel, it will be far less willing to continue pursuing litigation and will likely offer a settlement instead. Start with a free consultation from the Law Offices of David. R. Gunnin to understand your options and decide how best to move forward.

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